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Not only does Geranium Rose Essential Oil have a beautiful scent - but its uses are varied! It's great for hair, skin, nails...

Its been one of my favourite oils for years so you'll see it cropping up again and again in Natural Cosmetics products!

I was trying to think of how best to explain my reasons for including Geranium Rose Oil in the blend for Lush Locks, but I found that Olivia from Ecodrop Essential Oils did a great job of summarising the reasons to use it in your hair.

She even includes some DIY conditioner and hair spray recipes. I haven't tried these recipes myself but it sounds interesting!

My one note before you read the article is to be careful with the difference between a "teaspoon" a "cup" and a "drop" of the various ingredients.

The best way to measure your essential oil formula is by weight to make sure you're creating safe blends.

In the article, Olivia explains that Geranium Rose Essential Oil can be used for:

  • Mood boosting
  • Repairing, protecting and nourishing
  • Promoting hair growth


A bottle and the head of a rose flower - symbolising the Geranium Rose Oil contained in Lush Locks Organic Hair Oil

Our ingredients don't always follow the norm and we pride ourselves on understanding exactly how to use naturally available goodness to provide the best cosmetics products for you and your family!

For example, Lush Locks Nourishing Organic Hair Oil has some interesting ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and organic rosehip oil; which are typically used in skin serums and anti-aging products.

We only choose the best quality ingredients for our products but we've had questions about why we chose these specific oils so we thought it was best to explain!

We're publishing a series of Blog Posts to help make it clear why we choose our ingredients and will keep doing this for future product launches so that it's clear exactly what benefits you can expect from using our natural, organic products. 

Let us know if you have any feedback or any requests for future articles by contacting us at!


A rose head, symbolic of the Organic Geranium Rose Essential Oil contained in Lush Locks Organic Hair Oil


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