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Jojoba oil is fantastic.

It's used in anti-ageing skin serums, products which help scars and stretch marks and baby oil products; so it's got to be good stuff!

When we were blending Lush Locks we were investigating the best dry scalp treatment available. We knew we wanted to blend something special, not just a generic hair oil full of synthetic rubbish which hurt your hair and harmed the planet.

We wanted to make sure that whatever oil we blended would not only make hair feel silky smooth and smell fantastic - we wanted your hair to have a healthy shine, without any worries of having dry scalp flakes!

We were so pleased when we read Krissy Brady's article on because we knew that we our supplier had access to some great Jojoba Oil - one of the many benefits of your supplier having direct relationships with the people who grow the plants!

In her article you'll learn 11 ways to use jojoba oil for healthy skin and hair. The main benefits which convinced us to use it as a key ingredient of Lush Locks were:

  • Condition Hair
  • Ditch Dandruff
  • Protect Against Damage
  • Promote Hair Thickness and Growth
  • Delay Grays

The extra skin benefits were also a massive plus!

Jojoba oil for dry scalp

Our ingredients don't always follow the norm and we pride ourselves on understanding exactly how to use naturally available goodness to provide the best cosmetics products for you and your family!

For example, Lush Locks Nourishing Organic Hair Oil has some interesting ingredients such as organic jojoba oil and organic rosehip oil; which are typically used in skin serums and anti-aging products.

We only choose the best quality ingredients for our products but we've had questions about why we chose these specific oils so we thought it was best to explain!

We're publishing a series of Blog Posts to help make it clear why we choose our ingredients and will keep doing this for future product launches so that it's clear exactly what benefits you can expect from using our natural, organic products. 

Let us know if you have any feedback or any requests for future articles by contacting us at! 

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