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Natural Cosmetics - About Us

Our Mission:

Make The Most of Nature


We believe there are 3 things that are common in the world today, which we will look back on in 30 years time as being primitive, antique and maybe even as quaint examples of how dumb people were in the early 2000s.

  1. Relying on Fossil Fuels
  2. Destroying Natural Habitats (such as by dumping plastic in the Ocean)
  3. Putting Artificial Ingredients in our food and cosmetic products

Have you ever seen the word "parfum" or "fragrance" in an ingredients list? 

It basically means: "a bunch of chemicals and stuff that makes the product smell good but isn't helpful for any real reason"

We also believe that things get done when good companies get behind a good cause. Let the politicians argue while the rest of save the planet. Business over bullets!

The best way to make progress is to make people feel better about themselves, so the vehicle that we've chosen to try and save the world is products that make people more confident in the way they look.

Founded in July 2020, Natural Cosmetics provides organic beauty products such as the flagship 'Lush Locks Nourishing Organic Hair Oil'. Look and feel your best by using Natural Cosmetics products.

Our Founder:

Steve started his career working in the marketing team of a company selling aromatherapy supplies; where he was exposed to a wide variety of essential oils and carrier oils, learning a great deal about the cosmetics industry in the process.

He also saw the type of things his competitors sold, which people were routinely putting on their skin and in their hair.

Things like SLS, for example, and all kinds of awful artificial preservatives & emulsifiers, etc. They were harming their bodies and the environment and they didn't even know!

At the same time, he started to recognise some of his favourite scents, like Bergamot and Geranium Rose and the seed of an idea started to form...

"What if someone created natural, ready-to-use, cosmetic products - top quality stuff with a beautiful scent - which felt fantastic to use?"

One year after he left the company, they became our sole supplier and we had formulated "Lush Locks" Nourishing Hair Oil!

We want people to know that there are real viable alternatives to the mainstream cosmetics industry - you don't have to put awful artificial ingredients on your body; as long as Natural Cosmetics exists, you'll have somewhere you can come to look and feel your best without harming your body or the planet.


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