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Natural Cosmetics - FAQs

Lush Locks Organic Hair Oil: FAQs

How do I use my oil?

We recommend that you rub a few drops around in your hands and then run the oil through your hair from root to tip, without applying directly to your scalp. Either let your hair dry after washing then apply a few drops, or you can apply directly to dry hair to help prevent the appearance of frizz. A little goes a long way!

Can I put it on my skin?

Yes! Ultimately you can use your oil however you like. The ingredients are all natural and Lush Locks contains beautiful, light oils so it would be great for any use on your hair or skin. Avoid contact with your eyes.

What's the smell?

Of course, we've completely avoided all artificial colours & flavours and our products will never contain any synthetic perfumes, etc. The beautiful smell is a result of our essentail oil blend! Essential oils only make up a small amount of the total blend, but it should still smell pleasant for a few hours after you've applied the oil. The strongest, longest lasting scent is Geranium Rose!

Will it make me greasy?

No! These natural ingredients are great for all hair types - including oily hair! Applying a few drops of the serum to oily hair will help to restore your natural balance. If you're using the oil as a 'hair mask' then you may find it easier to wash out if you apply shampoo before attempting to wash.


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